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Instructions for this course

  • How to Use the Media Kit 101 Course

Welcome to the workshop!


  • Hello! Watch this before you start, please.
  • Before we begin...
  • WHY: --Who needs a media kit? Hint: EVERYONE!
  • How big should your media kit be?
  • What to use to build your media kit?
  • Creating a media kit on Canva: DEMO
  • Creating a media kit on PicMonkey: DEMO

Let's create!


  • WHAT: --the simple basics you need to include on your media kit.
  • Media Kit Checklist [PDF]
  • 1. Logo & Tagline
  • 2. About you (with photo)
  • 3. Collaborations, features, testimonials
  • 4. Stats & numbers
  • Where to find your page views in Google Analytics, if you never have.
  • 5. Services and prices
  • 6. Where to find you, and contact info.

Next Steps...


  • Congrats! Here's where you should use your media kit.
  • What and how to keep updated PLUS...more resources for you
  • Before you go...

About Your Instructor

Janel Hutton

Janel Hutton

aka NellieBellie

As an online creator and pro-blogger for 7 years, I have created sponsored content for dozens and dozens of national brands. I have successfully signed 5 figure contracts for long-term work, had repeat clients, and forged strong partnerships with some of the largest brands in the country.

I believe in sponsored content as a source of income because... I know it works. 

When done correctly, sponsored content can bring value to your business and readers. I have successfully used sponsored content to bring in steady income while building my brand and company. Let me teach you what I have learned along the way.

Some of the work I do is for brands is for them to use on their own platforms, but there is still a large number of brand work on my food & lifestyle website... . Check it out and learn a bit more about me and my business.

I hope to see you in a course learning what I know...sponsored content, when done well, can be a wonderfully fulfilling way to build a business and earn income!